"I love the idea and it works, it was kind of exciting! I'm excited by the potential of an automated tool to keep my email lists clean and healthy!"

Kurt Elster, MBA, Managing Partner, Ethercycle

"Mailscope solves my longest ongoing email marketing pain: making sure that I have the right name for my subscribers.
With Mailscope, it's click, click, done — my 'anonymous' subscribers are now correctly named. I recommend Mailscope to anyone who wants to add an extra touch of personalization to their emails."

Kai Davis, Outreach Consultant

"Feels like a win to me."

Patrick McKenzie, CEO Starfighters

"Wow this is incredible. I’m really pumped about personalising emails more."

Kyle Wood, Bootcamp Ideas

"I like this! You get increased conversion and then increased engagement by using a name in the email."

Nathan Barry, Founder ConvertKit

"Do you have a mailing list? You should look into MailScope to boost your conversion rates. Seriously good stuff!"

Christoph Engelhardt, Founder LinksSpy

"Very impressed by Mailscope.io, it matched 98% of my subscribers!"

Alister Bulman, Founder ContractAvailability

"MailScope is a pleasure to use. Bam, and you’ve got the names"

Jaana Kulmala, Founder FirstOfficer

"I'm so excited about using MailScope to help me deepen my relationships within my community and connect better with my readers. I'm a real person sending out a well-thought out and crafted newsletter - I want them to feel like a real person when they're reading it!"

Gina Horkey, Horkey HandBook