Does Email Personalization Work?

Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely

One of the most interesting findings is that, though the use of both first and last names in a subject is less common, it has the largest positive impact on open rates.

Source: Mailchimp

Email Marketing Metrics Report

Our results showed that personalizing only the message content yielded the highest open rate of 17.6%. ... Those who personalized both their subject lines and message content fared much better when it came to click rates.

Source: Mailer Mailer

Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Personalisation, Trust and Return on Investment

Econsultancy found that 52% of digital marketers agree that "the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy."

Source: Econsultancy (PDF)

E-mail marketing; the effects of generic vs. personalized promotional e-mails on receivers

The findings from this study provide evidence that personalization has notable influence on the selected constructs. ... The main conclusion drawn from this study is that personalization on content is the best form of personalization for organizations, which want to apply personalization in their promotional e-mails.

Source: University of Twente

Study: Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates, But 70% Of Brands Fail To Use Them

Emails with personalised subject lines have 26 percent higher unique open rates than nonpersonalised emails (19.4 percent with personalisation compared to 15.4 percent without). The lift from personalisation, however, varies by industry. Personalised subject lines have provided the biggest boost in unique open rates for travel (unique open rates of 28.5 percent with personalisation compared to 17.3 percent without)

Source: Experian (PDF)

Email Marketing: Get Personal with Your Customers

Personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Source: Aberdeen (Requires membership)